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Picked up a Bently Manual and have been sifting through K-jet. I realize this is a bit of a read, but I’ve been holding off asking questions until I got a little deeper into k-jet. Now I have about half a clue Issues: Warm start problems, engine sputtering and sometimes what sounds like a backfire IN the engine detonation? Started off with the warm start cranking issues. Used a known good accumulator and brand new check valve.

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I purchased this multimeter with dwell function from Amazon the other day: But my big question has to do with adjusting the dwell on the engine. I know this has been covered before but I do have some specific questions.

re: The tach connector provided will work with your old tach/dwell are no points but the principle is the same, one rise and fall per spark on the four cylinder scale. Just shove a paper clip in the tack port and hook up the rpm lead from your old meter.

How to Use a Tach Dwell Meter by Jeffrey Caldwell A dwell meter is used to check the dwell angle on vehicles with a points-type ignition. Dwell angle is the length of time measured by the degree of rotation of the distributor cam the contact points open on a points-type ignition system. Points-type ignition systems were commonly used on vehicles manufactured before the mid s. The dwell angle must be periodically checked on these vehicles to ensure proper operation of the ignition system.

In addition, the dwell angle on these vehicles must be checked before setting the ignition timing. Connecting the Tach Dwell Meter Run the engine long enough to bring it up to normal operating temperature and then shut it off. Connect the positive lead on the tach dwell meter to the positive terminal on the ignition coil. Connect the negative lead on the tach dwell meter to the negative terminal on the ignition coil.

Open the small metal cover on the side of the distributor cap and insert an Allen wrench into the screw behind the cover. Checking the Dwell Angle Turn the engine on. Take the reading on the tach dwell meter and compare it with the figure on the engine tune-up decal in the engine bay or in the vehicle’s service manual. Turn the Allen wrench slowly to adjust the dwell angle to the correct setting.

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Typical charge characteristics of lithium-ion. Adding full saturation at the set voltage boosts the capacity by about 10 percent but adds stress due to high voltage. When the battery is first put on charge, the voltage shoots up quickly. This behavior can be compared to lifting a weight with a rubber band, causing a lag. The capacity will eventually catch up when the battery is almost fully charged Figure 3.

Sep 18,  · I just connect the big clip to ground and the green to negative coil and it works like wikityler says. It won’t kill your DTV if it’s accidently hooked up wrong for a second and you get no reading. I’m going to have to start my Dirty White Van to practice using .

But like others, I find my cheapy meter works just fine for auto work. I’d love to get one of Agilent’s A 6. There are a lot of inexpensive hand-held products as well as expensive ones available today. Extech has a variety of popular offerings. I recently acquired one of their EX models, which seems a robust, well-made unit. Features include count LCD display, autoranging, the usual V, R, and A measurements, plus the ability to read capacitors, frequency and temperature with an included type-K temperature probe.

The unit has a non-contact voltage sensor; hold it against power mains and a light illuminates while the unit makes a strange squeaking sound. It works, to a point, when held right over VAC outlets or switches, but I couldn’t make it sense the wires through drywall. The manual does say one must hold the meter “very close” to the power source. So it’s somewhat useful for seeing if an outlet has power without the associated risk of plugging meter leads into the outlet itself.

This looks like a feature I’ll never use. I don’t have a calibration lab so can’t speak to its accuracy, though it matched my other instruments well.

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Air, Fuel, and Spark Or, more accurately, you could say that together they cause fire. No, they’re not a s soul band, but they are on fire. Or, more accurately, you could say that together they cause fire.

These Actron timing lights have a molded inductive pick-up, which clamps over spark inductive pick-up for fast safe hook-up. Works on all distributor ignition systems found on 2 cycle, 4 cycle and rotary engines. 10 Test Functions: Dual RPM scales Direct reading dwell on 4, 6 and 8 cylinders Dual voltage scales Dual ohms scales Amps.

The COP coil on plug ignition system is what is used on most modern engines. There is an individual coil for each cylinder that is controlled by the PCM powertrain control module. It eliminates the need for spark plug wires by putting the coil right above the sparkplug. Two wires are dedicated to each coil. One is a battery feed usually from the power distribution center.

The other wire is the coil driver circuit from the PCM. The coil driver circuit is monitored by the PCM for faults If an open or a short is detected in the driver circuit for coil number 2, a P may set. Also, depending on the vehicle, the PCM may also shut down the fuel injector to the cylinder also. MIL Malfunction indicator lamp illumination Engine misfire may be present or intermittent Causes Potential causes of a P code include: If not, the problem is likely intermittent.

Try wiggle testing the wiring at the 2 coil and along the wiring harness to the PCM. If manipulating the wiring causes the misfire to surface, repair the wiring problem.

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Finally got up the courage to go out at 8: Told her what had been done yesterday to remedy that situation. Told her that she was now the only vehicle here that was in any condition to be driven, and that if she didn’t get herself together and cooperate, that we were REALLY going to be in trouble because Ms. American was no longer safe to drive because her Lower Ball Joints were worn out and needed to be replaced.

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Engine Adjusting dwell Kenthegreat , The meter has a red, black and an induction pickup. It’s a Equus Any help will greatly appreciated. Jonathan I saw this while looking not long ago: Hope all is well out West, Ken. Say hello to the gang out there for me. Kenthegreat I don’t have the diagnostic plug on my car! I didn’t watch the video above, so not sure what it shows. The signal wire would attached to the pin in the diagnostic connector attached to the driver’s side of the car, just under the resistors.

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Rev up your engine and read those RPMs with ease once you equip your vehicle with one of AutoZone’s premium tachometers. It’s essential to either upgrade your tachometer and ensure that it’s operating properly since running your engine at excessively high RPM rates could drastically shorten its lifespan.

I had been using a multimeter before the Vector, then recharged the 9v multimeter rechargeable batteries from the same system when the meter wore out the 9v. For my application, this Vector meter required a female DC connection – female CLA to battery clips – so it drained its own small operating voltage from the discharging batteries but that was hardly noticeable.

The fact that it is very delicate and its reading did not match the multimeter reading made me go back to the multimeter. The multimeter gives me more accuracy with an extra number to the right of the decimal point and it is more durable. I did read another post about taking the unit apart to adjust the pot. I did this and the Vector voltage now matches the multimeter voltage but there goes the Vector warranty.

It does what it says it does, might be of more use in a vehicle, and arrived earlier than expected in mint condition.

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The interface receives timing signals from the ignition computer and generates modified timing based on command from the engine analyzer. Modified timing signals are transmitted to the coil ignition module which fires the spark plugs of the engine. The analyzer may command a shorting of the cylinder which causes the interface to modify the timing at the appropriate time for inhibiting a selected cylinder from firing. Secondary signals from the spark plugs are received by the interface and converted to a proper voltage waveform for recognition by the engine analyzer.

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My best guess looking at the instructions online was that it picks up 1 using the inductive pick-up and the of pulses per two revolutions off the coil with another connection Could this be correct? That sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation. Gonna be a thoroughly boring forum, though, if everybody keeps answering their own questions Now if you really want a headscratcher, the emissions testing service in Washington used to have an RPM sensor that just sat on your hood.

It was a small padded block, maybe the size of a coffee cup, with a cord that plugged into the test console. I asked the earnest young man running the machine how it worked. He said it picked up pulses from the alternator, but didn’t know the details and didn’t seem to care. He did place the sensor as close to the alternator as possible and it didn’t work well until it was in close proximity. It was dead accurate compared to the tach on several vehicles I’ve owned, including my F ‘s W, a Chevrolet 4.

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I still get knock at low RPM and moderate throttle. At WOT the knock goes away. Right now I’m at a base of 12 degrees timing. This is an Olds BTW. Just judge that you did go to the bottom.

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The sensors must provide accurate information otherwise driveability problems, increased fuel consumption and emission failures can result. One of the key sensors in this system is the oxygen sensor. The first O2 sensor was introduced in on a Volvo Federal emission laws made O2 sensors virtually mandatory on all cars and light trucks built since And now that OBD-II regulations are here and newer vehicles , many vehicles are now equipped with multiple O2 sensors, some as many as four!

The O2 sensor is mounted in the exhaust manifold to monitor how much unburned oxygen is in the exhaust as the exhaust exits the engine. Monitoring oxygen levels in the exhaust is a way of gauging the fuel mixture. It tells the computer if the fuel mixture is burning rich less oxygen or lean more oxygen. A lot of factors can affect the relative richness or leanness of the fuel mixture, including air temperature, engine coolant temperature, barometric pressure, throttle position, air flow and engine load.

Consequently, any problems with the O2 sensor can throw the whole system out of whack. This produces a corresponding change in the O2 sensor reading.

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